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Phase One, Beaufort Avenue

  1. South of Transformer Substation - School group on multi-use trail
  2. Marlborough Woods to Belmont on the Arm - Spring crocuses
  3. South of Regina Terrace - Family group
  4. South of Oakland - Family group with scooter
  5. South of Oakland - Walking corgis and scooter

Parkette, Corner South and Beaufort

  1. Pergola from trail, winter
  2. Pergola from parkette, summer
  3. Pergola from along trail, summer
  4. Picnic table from South Street
  5. Picnic table from parkette
  6. Overview from rear of parkette
  7. Overview from South Street
  8. Welcome/interpretative sign
  9. Design drawing of sign

Railway Cut, Summer Foliage

  1. Straight Stretch with Medium Greenery Coverage
  2. Curve with Sheer Rock Face
  3. Straight with View of Two Bridges
  4. Straight with Lots of Greenery
  5. Curve with Greenery Everywhere
  6. Railway Bridge through Foliage
  7. Railway Bridge from Below through Birches
  8. Long, Straight Stretch towards Bridge

Railway Cut, Spring Foliage

  1. East Side Looking South
  2. East Side Looking North
  3. West Side Looking South

Beaufort Avenue Section (Pre-Phase One)

  1. Parkette at South Street
  2. Trail Worn in Grass Sidewalk, Looking South
  3. Meadow on East Side of Cut 1
  4. Meadow on East Side of Cut 2
  5. Marlborough Woods Railway Bridge Looking South
  6. Grass Sidewalk Looking South 1
  7. Grass Sidewalk Looking South 2
  8. View of Northwest Arm across Oakland Road Bridge

Marlborough Woods Section (Pre-Phase One)

  1. Railway Bridge Looking West
  2. Path on West Side Looking South 1
  3. Path on West Side Looking South 2
  4. Maplewood Road from Path
  5. Path from Marlborough Woods Park Road

Trail Activities (Pre-Phase One)

  1. Cyclist Coming South on Beaufort Avenue Grass Sidewalk
  2. Hiking after Leaf Fall (courtesy of Southender Magazine)
  3. Hiking on the Edge (courtesy of Southender Magazine)

Photos provided by David and Karine Renton and John Seggie.

Copyright © 2011, Halifax Urban Greenway Association