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The Halifax Urban Greenway Proposal

Draft Report; July 31, 2002

This proposal is for the routing stage of the Greenway project. It will be followed by a detailed trail alignment study and finally by the trail design.

The proposal combines the concern of the Halifax Urban Greenway Association (HUGA) to preserve the natural environment along the railway cut for public enjoyment and access with HRM's desire to provide alternative transportation opportunities on the Halifax peninsula.

A public consultation session on the proposal was held in early December of 2002. There were about 300 people in attendance and the reception was generally highly favourable.

Please send any written comments on this proposal document to:
Halifax Urban Greenway Association
P.O. Box 27091
5595 Fenwick St., Fenwick RPO
Halifax, N.S. B3H 4M8

  • Proposal in PDF Format ( - 4.9 Meg) - includes feasibility and northern routing; new map below for south of South Street supercedes map in report.

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